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Hi everyone. I began taking Mercaptopurine 10 days ago. Starting dose 25mg. I have had a lot of nausea, headache, and feel overall horrible. I can barely carry my body around. The best way to explain would be flu-like.
I am wanting to know if these are normal side effects and if this is what I have to look forward to on this med? Not fun at all.
I had my first labs drawn but of course with Christmas my Drs office is slow.
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It's a tough drug on the body, this could be an adjustment period or it may be that this drug or dose is too much for you. These symptoms are not uncommon with 6mp.
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I had issues with Imuran (its sister drug) when I first started it -- a lot of people report issues for the first week or so, but then after that things should clear up. Otherwise: keep an eye on things, and keep your doctor informed if you feel like things get too bad. I hope it gets better, soon. Good luck!
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Thank you. I really hope it doesn't last. Misery! I have heard it has good results. I just hope I make it to that point.
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Tonya Hi !

I am exactly in the same boat. Started 6mp and after 24 hours felt so sick ... I stopped and contacted my doctor. Now re-trying lower dose of 25mg (started at 50mg); even though they say it is an under-dose it may be easier on the body to adjust.
The sickness feeling was much like what you describe, adding severe weakness...

Finger crossed that you are able to tough it out and get into remission with 6mp keeping you there !

BTW - are you on other drugs for the meanwhile until 6mp kicks in ?
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I had those symptoms for the first 3 months when I started 6MP. Eventually wore off and had 9 years remission
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I am on 25mg too. And yes, severe weakness. I am feeling a little better today but still feel pretty rough.
I am also on 20mg prednisone and Apriso right now.
I really hope I can tough it through.
Worriedboy, I hope things even out for you too.
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Many years ago, I tried Imuran, I had severe nausea all the time (except after eating, but for only 15-20 min), I felt very depressed , and I couldn't play any sports. Then my Dr switched for 6mp. I thought the first days It would be good, but after 1 weeks I started to have the same symptoms.

I read somewhere a study that there is about 25-30% of people who are intolerant to Azathioprine, and 40% of them are also intolerant to 6MP

I hope you can pass through the side effects !
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My son had some of those side effects when he first started 6mp. The worst when he was on the 75 mg dose which ended up being way too high for him. It takes a while to find the right dose for you and for your body to adjust to the med. My son would take it right before bed so that he would sleep thru any nausea. He also occasionally took zofran (anti-nausea med) to help out. He has now been on 6mp for over 3 years and doesn't have any issues at all. He is in complete remission and has gained 80 lbs and grown 9 inches. Before diagnosis he was loosing weight and had completely stopped growing. So I know the drug isn't great for him but he is much healthier because of it.
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