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Humira or Remicade

Hi everyone. First, I'm thankful to be alive in 2014 because I know those who came before us really missed out on the internet, forums, etc.
Anyway I'm about to start Humira.
Reader's Digest: diagnosed UC 2005, emergency colectomy 2007 due to mega toxic colon... severe chronic pouchitis.... 2 months ago diagnosed with fistulating doc recommends Humira, my colorectal surgeon claims only Remicade will close my rectal fistula...going for a second opinion.
Any advice/opinions/experiences - would love to hear from you!
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Hi and welcome.

I started remicade in September. It's going well. Others will be along with a lot more experience.
Sending you my support.
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Thanks DJW, I hope the Remicade continues to work wonders for you. I have a friend taking it since 2011, in complete remission. It sounds like a hassle in the beginning in terms of the time spent with the "infusions" - but if it does the trick I'll do whatever it takes.
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infliximab kept be in remission for 6 years. I then had surgery and ileostomy bag, then developed a fistula, started humira last year, fistula is still there but crohns is pretty much symptomless and inflammation levels in blood are zero. from personal experience the infliximab seemed more 'powerful' but with the humira i'm not catching colds and coughs constantly and self injecting is very convenient.
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Thanks Littlefree, Glad to hear it's working out for you - although I'm not sure how I feel about living with this fistula forever
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I've been on Humira since it was experimental for Crohns back around 2007 and I've felt the best I've ever been since I was diagnosed. I was on Remicade years before that and it was a major improvement compared to the oral medication but it wasn't perfect. I still had fistulas develop while on Remicade for instance. What really turned me off of Remicade was the side effects. It has a tendency to make your blood clot more and I have family history of stroke and heart disease. There are some other potential side effects but that was the big eye opener. Humira has very little to none of those issues from what I've read or heard.

Also, when I was taking Remicade, I had to sit in the hospital for like 3 hrs while the drug was adminstered intravenously. Humira, I take one shot and I'm good to go for a week or so. So there is that perk too. Everybody is different though. This was just my experience.
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@Eric I also have perianal fistulas. My first GI was relatively ambivalent to either Humira or Remicade as a choice. I refrained from starting any drugs at that time. My current GI recommended without any hesitation that I move forward with Remicade to treat my fistulas. I have now completed Infusion#3. From my basic understanding of both of these biologics wrt fistulas it would appear that Remicade has been supported by more Clinical Trial Data as the preferred wrt fistula closure.
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