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First flare in 4 years, new symptoms please help!?

I am 21 years old, dx with Crohns in October 2010, small bowel resection Dec 2010, and started Remicade Dec 2010.

I get my rem every 6 weeks. Got it 2 weeks ago tomorrow. But last week I got so stressed with work I have developed a flare. I am having my normal abdominal pain, and I also have diarrhea that is not getting better with ANYTHING! Endless amounts of immodium hasn't touched it. have never had diarrhea as a symptom! Ive lost 7 pounds in 5 days. I just finished 5 days of Pred from the ER. Diarrhea had lessened but I'm still suffering and haven't been able to work this week. I have to go back on Tuesday.

Please help what can I eat??? Can I do anything?
I've tried plain turkey, mashed potatoes, small amount of cereal and Naked organic smoothies.
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Sorry you are not feeling good. Did they rule out infection? Can you get in touch with your GI? Maybe a lot of liquids and some EEN. Sorry I cannot be that much help. I hope you feel better soon.
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I would make sure you're not getting dehydrated with the diarrhea and are getting enough fluids. Are you also passing blood with the diarrhea? If so, I'd keep a watch on your iron levels as well. I'm hoping that you were able to get a hold of your GI. It's easier to treat a flare early rather than later. Please keep us updated on how you're doing.
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rice or baked potato
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I know some gi's are saying no motrin, but my son's told him to take it for the pain
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Nope no blood. Still having D but it's not as urgent for the most part. All stool samples and labs came back negative so its definitely a flare

Dr. Gave me Lomotil for the D and it half works half doesn't. I'm so lost. This is terrible. I don't know how some of you live with these symptoms all the time, I really took advantage of never having gastro problems!!!

Still having a hard time finding food...
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Do you have a follow-up apptmt with your GI? You need to figure out what is going on. A five day pred burst may not be enough to get the flare under control.

For now, you can try EEN (exclusive enteral nutrition) - drink nutritional shakes only (there are different types but, until you can see your GI, you can use Boost or Ensure). But, please, without your GI's approval/guidance, don't do this for very long! Make sure you take in enough calories - when my son was 17, he did EEN and was taking in 3000 calories per day from the formula/shakes. The shakes will allow some bowel rest and still provide nutrition. (If you can drink semi-elemental shakes, such as Peptamen, this would be preferable as they provide even more bowel rest because proteins are broken down and more easily absorbed. Downside is that the shakes don't taste all that great.) And, one more downside from any of the shakes is that some people, my son included, had d while on the shakes (ie liquid in, liquid out) but had no pain or urgency.

But, what I'm suggesting is only a temporary measure! While my son did use EEN to induce remission (his maintenance med is also remicade), his use of EEN for a longer period was under the supervision of his GI and nutritionist.

What is your GI recommending as the next step?

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I can't get in to see my GI until April, but I did make an appt. I've been seeing the RN from my infusion center. I called today to let her know the Lomotil isn't completely getting it under control.

I am drinking the nasty shakes yeah. She gave me some called Vital cal and I am also eating a small amount of normal food. Lots of Naked smoothies too
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Be careful with the smoothies. Some fruit is still very fiberous and hard on digestion unless fully juiced. Smoothies are just blended, not juiced. Check the fiber content before you drink up!
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The most fiber is 5g, from the blueberry one. Is that a lot?
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That should be fine! What I mean is if you're taking fresh fruits and blending them yourself, some fruits are very fiberous and can irritate (pineapple being one). Basically fruits with lots of fiber or seeds (strawberries) should be used with caution, as they can irritate. But of course, it depends on the person. You might tolerate certain things better than others.
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Thank you! I've been trying not to eat fruit and veggies and whole grains. Sucks cause usually I eat anything I wsnt and I'm a pig lol (95 pound pig, but nonetheless I eat a lot
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Oh I know exactly what you mean! I love whole grains, but now it's white bread all the least, until I achieve remission!

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