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Has any had any abscess or mrsa since they have been diagnosed with crihns. My son keeps getting these abscess on different parts of his body and not sure what they are frim. Doctors are not sure what they are.
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Ten months after my colostomy takedown I finally was diagnosed with MRSA when my stoma wound didn't heal. Surgery in May, treatment in March. It's considered a soft tissue infection.
I am currently having another breakout in same place. I was unable to determine if a soft tissue infection would re occur but it appears that it does. Either that or it takes a couple of treatments to clear.
I know skin infections from MRSA come back and sometimes have to be cut out surgically. It scares me to death this is inside my body!
There are so many things I have to put off because of this infection. I need dental work. I get an EKG regularly etc besides the fact of feeling crappy.
Sorry I should have said I don't have crowns. I had an emergency bowel blockage.

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