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Humira, to inject when sick or not and a couple other questions

Hi my name is Christina. I have been on Humira for just a little over a year now. It has put me in remission which has been fabulous. I've gained weight back, I can live a basically normal existence. However in November I got a really severe throat infection. I took a strong anti-biotic and then it was gone. Now in December (well it was in Dec) I got a sinus infection. My doctor told me not to take my injection until my anti-biotic was toward the end and I was feeling better. I called my GI and she said no way that she didn't feel I needed to wait (despite all I have heard about people not injecting when they are sick) to wait at all, but if I did only maybe 2 days. So I listened to my GI since my crohns I feel takes precedence over anything else and I trust them. Well I could feel the anti-biotic not working this time and I am still sick. I went back to my dr two weeks later and she was furious at the dr and at me for not listening. Now I am waiting to see whether I have to take another round of anti-biotic. I am trying not to, but at the same time I'm afraid if I don't I'll stay sick. Everyone in my house is sick

My question is do you guys inject when you're sick? What does your GI/Dr. say about it?

Also being on Humira scares me. Mostly what I hear is that the benefits out weigh the fears and that I should stay on it. Does anyone in remission try to come off of it? From what I understand they don't, and can't just easily go back on it. That is why I was afraid to deviate at all from taking it the way I am supposed to, but my regular dr sounded like it was no big deal to not take it a couple of weeks to get over an illness. I have night sweats (I have been checked for them and they don't find anything, and I get some really bad headaches that feel somewhat due to humira. I also have a couple of spots of ringworm and/or psoriasis since the humira that don't go away.

So now I'm sick with lots of head pressure, ear popping/ringing, and filth that feels like it may be moving into my chest. My dr said I could call for a zpack but I've already had an antibiotic in November and then in December. I had 800 mg of amoxicillin I believe, then only 500 of ceftin this last time only a couple of weeks ago, this time would be a zpack. Should I do the anti-biotic, not do it? Will I just keep getting sick? I don't know I'm confused.


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Ds has been on either remicade or Humira for two years.
Normal kid infections
We go with the doc who prescribed the Humira on when to take or not take.
He had multiple antibiotics for strep ( later tonsils removed ) but this was an issue before biologics or crohns .
As long as Ds doesn't have a fever or has been on antibiotics for 24 hours
Then no issues
Have you seen an ent ??
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In getting over a sinus infection right now, I have also had infusion while dealing with this type of infection with no problems. I think it is more of a concern if you have something like the flu, or are running a temperature and take your injection.

I would recommend taking another antibiotic and/or seeing an ent, especially if you are suffering. I toughed my latest one out, didn't go to the doctor because it was over the holidays. If I had, I might be further along toward being cleared out and not still coughing up crud.

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While my experiences may not be what everyone has had- I feel it is worthwhile to share any and all experiences that may be beneficial to others.

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