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At a total loss

hello all, I was browsing my symptoms again for the millionth time over the past 20yrs. I have been dealing with this since high school and still no definitive answer. I have had three colon scopes over the past years and the last one was terrible. they could not get around one curve and while pushing I woke up during. Last one I had to say the least. I am at a loss. Example of what I am going thru. I had such loose stool on day after Christmas coming home from parents house that a 3hr drive was 4.5 bc of all the stops we had to make. Sad thing is I didn't eat before we left because I know better. It makes my lower back hurt so bad and just makes me weak. that was the last movement I have had to date and I am miserable and scared to use a stool softener but I know I am going to have to in order to get the "cork" out. Over the years all I have been told is IBS or colitis, watch what I eat and take Metamucil. It doesn't matter what I eat because what sets it off one day may not affect me the next day. I am miserable! When I go out I either don't eat all day or eat at the end of the day when I know I will be home right after. I know this is long but I figured I needed to describe to get informative feedback. I am 5'5 and weigh the most I have weighed in over 20yrs 107lb. any positive feedback and direction will be appreciated.
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Hello onthego and welcome to the forum
Sorry to hear you are having so many problems
It might be a good idea to get another opinion from a gastroenterologist
Have you had blood work done such as CBC,sedimentation rate etc
Have you had any other tests like MRI ,CAT scans,ultrasound.
These tests will sometimes give a definitive diagnosis
From what you describe you do need a good gastroenterologist
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
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thank you trysha
I have gone to gastro docs in both Missouri and Arizona

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