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Possible flared? So confused!

If anyone could help me I'd appreciate it as my GI nurses are not available and I've had to leave them a message...

Around Monday I started to feel quite nauseated and off my food. A few days later I was reunited with my LRQ pain that is quite sharp and can make me wince. My bowel movements have been formed and I've been going around 2/3 times a day with no problems (I'm usually constipated if anything... I don't suffer from diarrhoea) last night I felt fine. Went to bed around 1am. 4am I was woken feeling very green and unsettled, overall abdomen pain and more nausea. Around 40 minutes later I got up after not being able to settle not knowing whether I was going to be sick first or the other end! Long story short I experienced really bad diarrhoea followed by vomiting (at the same time, sorry tmi!) and more diarrhoea which just ended up literally like water.

I got back into bed and didn't settlemfor a few hours but I don't know if this is a flare as its all new to me. I know there's nothing definitive anyone can say just wondering if anyone has any ideas!

Hope everyone's doing ok. X
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Hope you are feeling a little better by now. Have you checked to see if you are running a temperature at all? It hopefully is just something you ate not agreeing with you - or possibly you could have a stomach bug.....if it keeps up, give your doctor or GI a call and get checked out.

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There are some nasty stomach bugs going around right now. I concur with Lisa, hopefully it's just a bug. A co-worker of mine described having it but she said the worst of it only lasted about a day for her, so hopefully you'll be feeling better tomorrow. If not, I agree that you should get ahold of your doc - if you can't get ahold of them because it's the weekend, and things get worse or you get dehydrated or anything like that, please go to the emergency room. Hang in there, I hope you recover from this soon!

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