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Bleeding stopped during prep?

I had a colonoscopy a couple of years back and it was inconclusive so I was told it was IBS (though I'd had IBS for the previous 20 years without the increased pain, bleeding, weight loss and elevated calprotectin as well as throat infections and skin problems occurring alongside flare-ups that had developed). So I am not diagnosed with IBD.

Anyway again got referred to hospital last month following bouts of bloody diarrhea. I have a colonoscopy tomorrow, with an MRI scan set for a later date, I am currently post prep (2 litres of Moviprep down and now on fluids which are passing straight through, heating up on the way

Question I have for anyone who could answer, is that yesterday I flared again and had bleeding which continued into today but now with the prep at the stage now at passing virtually water only, once solids (albeit loose solids) had stopped so has the bleeding, despite the more frequent / quantity of movements.
I just wondered has anyone else experienced that or could offer an explanation?

(Interrupted writing of this thread, maybe should move my computer to the bathroom!)
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Maybe it is a dilutional effect,the prep takes so much fluid
through the plumbing system
The scope should provide some answers for you hopefully
Did you also have blood work done?
Sooner or later blood loss will be reflected in the lab work
Good luck with the scope
Hugs and best wishes
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happened to me just 2 months ago. the prep made me feel so fine right after and the day of the exam. My exam was at 2 pm. In the morning until the exam, I had no bowel mvt at all and felt in great general body health compared to the days before. Right after exam, when I expulsed the extra air, there was no blood at all, only slight mucus. The blood came back at night.
even if the blood n mucus had disappeared after the prep, the disease was still clearly visible during scope.
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IBS does not cause blood loss so hopefully they'll find out what's really going on with the scope. As for your question, my guess would be that it's the liquid diet that's causing the blood loss to slow down. A liquid diet (especially Enteral nutrition) has proven to be almost as effective as taking oral steroids.

Good luck with your scope! Hope it goes well and gives you answers.
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Hi Thanks
The hospital said that the liquid expulsion of the prep probably flushed all the blood out.

Just got back from my colonoscopy - was given a sedative this time so still not pleasant but a hell of a lot less painful than the last one. (Better camera driver too, didn't clip every bend and didn't drop the scope half way round causing the air thing to blow it out and had to be started again like the last one did!)

Anyway my scope results -
internal hemorrhoids present so that or possible small fissure causing the bleeding
no sign of IBD
slight nodulation of terminal ileum
possible small polyp removed and other biopsies taken.

MRI scan of small bowel to follow (no appointment date received as yet and just waiting on pathology results.

No blood tests taken today. Last ones taken were fine except for slightly elevated liver enzymes
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Haemorrhoids can in some cases cause a scary amount of blood, but are rarely serious and there are various forms of treatment available, so hopefully confirmation of this will lead to a resolution for the bleeding symptom.

I found a small bowel MRI much easier than a colonoscopy - you do have to drink a lot of yucky drink if you're having MRI with contrast, but I didn't have to do a laxative prep beforehand, so hopefully you've got the worst of the tests over with.
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Thanks UnXmas,
I did consider piles or a fissure as a possibility for the bleeding as I've had a fissure before and also piles, but they tended to be on the outside with some mild discomfort and not much blood only on wiping. So with the quantity and frequency of bleeding bouts and the realisation that it was not coming from the outside, thought it best to get investigated. Also because it came in relation to the abdomen pains and an increase in diarrhea (the cause of both of those factors still remaining to be diagnosed).

But yeah began bleeding again last night and though it's reassuring to know the source of the blood, still not pleasant. Also stomach pains returning, the time after the prep with stomach emptied felt the most comfortable I have been in ages (same following the last time I had prep) but now that food is back in there, the discomfort has returned.

So yeah, whilst I'm very very pleased with the mostly positive results of the tests so far and I do know that a lot of people have it much worse than me, I'm still hoping for an outcome of better medication prescribed or even a modified diet if a food intolerance or something is discovered or whatever, just so I feel less crappy less often.

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