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Bob from Midwest
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Open Letter to Crohns' . . . .

Dear Crohn's Disease,

We have not been getting along lately. I have tried my best to let you sit quietly in my terminal ileum, but you refuse to do so. A couple of things that you could do to be a bit more helpful are the following: If you are going to inflame my ileum, which you are doing right now, could you please centralize the pain and not make my entire back hurt. Thanks! Further, why do you always come around in the afternoon and stay till bedtime. How about you could get out of town for a while. I would appreciate you more if you weren't around so often. Something else has been bothering me. It seems you going out of your way to mock my suffering. I know that you were made aware that the diagnostic tests for 6MP were denied again by insurance, rendering me without a current med to appease you and without any options for at least the next month. You know I'm afraid of the biologics, so I don't have much choice otherwise. Oh well, I still have refills on this $hitty bottle of Pentasa. You'd like that, I'm sure, because you know it doesn't work, just a huge waste of $60 (US). I have to say that I liked you better when I wasn't sure who you were. For the first 34 years of my life, we'd just pass each other on the street and share a quick stomachache together every now and then. Kinda wish we could get back to that. But then you had to go and ruin my gallbladder and set up shop. I would be glad to collect some flyers so you could quit shacking up and find your own place. Someday you will have to learn to get along without me. I simply don't have the time, with a family and a job, to give you so much of my attention. My suggestion is that you consider leaving sooner than later. I don't want to have to surgically remove you, but I will if I have to. Please try to enjoy the rest of your weekend as far from my immune system as possible. Thank you for your time.
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Sounds like you've been going through quite the time there. I hope things can somehow start calming down somehow for you. In the meantime, I want to be sure to send lots of hugs and support your way.
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