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Alcohol & ASAs

I've been taking ASAs for about 3 months now on & off (long story short, I was allergic to one and had bad side effects to another). I've been taking Lialdia (or something, I forgot the name) for 2 weeks. I finally felt well enough to enjoy a glass of wine and had one last night with my husband.

I thought I would be buzzed or drunk by the end of the first glass, since I haven't had alcohol in about 2 months. I drank 3 glasses (I was planning on drinking one, then got curious to see if I would get a buzz from 2.... Nothing, so I drank 3...). I felt slightly buzzed by the end of the 3rd glass but nothing like I should be from 3 glasses of wine. Do ASAs decrease the absorption of alcohol in your body? (Just curious, I'm not going to go out and drink and drive or anything)

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