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Possible Pancreatitis? Can you...

Hi All!

I restarted 6mp on Nov 10, 2014 at 50 mg (After being off of it for 2 years). I asked my Dr if I should increase it (since he said last time I should be on 75mg...weighig between 170-180 lbs and I'm 5'6.5''-5'7'') and I increased it to 75 this last Friday night and Saturday night. Sunday morning I woke up with epigastric pain (not severe, a dull constant one)...still able to eat, but it worries me. Today, I woke up with nausea and THEN the same dull,( sometimes sharp) pain. I have erosions due to Entocort and I increased that on Dec. 31st to 9mg I'm wondering if it's that or Pancreatitis. I'm due to check my blood in 2 weeks but...

Can Pancreatitis come up after only 2 doses/2 days? (I should have stayed on 50 mg! I was tolerating it lol) And can it occur in people who have taken 6mp before? I took 100 mg in the past which elevated LFT and they dropped it to 50 then raised it to 75 mg which was fine.

I'm at work right now. My GI is 3.5 hours away so I can call his nurse (omG they hate me already for being so hypochondriac prob lol) but I'm nervous. I'm way too too mild for Biologics and 6mp worked for me in the past fantastically.
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Pancreatitis can be some of the worst pain and most with that pain would head to the ER. If you are concerned that it may be pancreatitis then call the GI nurse and state your concerns. Or even your GP could see you for those concerns.

If you've gone up on entocort it could be silent reflux.
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