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Severe arthritis reaction

Good day all,

I have started taking Humira for Crohn's disease. I've been on it almost a month and have noticed an increase in my symptoms, particularly my arthritis. Walking is painful, getting up from a sitting position is almost unbearable.

Does anyone have any experience with these symptoms? Could you please provide some advice?

Thank you!
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Have you had any increase in bowel problems itself?

My daughter has this disease and juvenile arthritis. She went on Humira but it didn't control or stop the progression of her arthritis.

I believe joint pains can be a side effect of Humira.

Always call and update the GI with any new symptoms.
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Humira can cause joint pain, like farmwife already said, let your doctor know. Usually side effects go away after you have been on the med for a while. If it doesn't improve or it is unbearable, talk to your doctor about your other options.
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