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Any suggestions for smell


I recently posted this in another forum and someone suggested that I post it here.

I've had multiple fistulas laid open and am on op 22. The smell is getting progressively worse although ive recently had infection drained. Does anybody have any tips for hiding the smell as its very anti-social and it's starting to have a profound impact on my MH.
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The only thing I can think of is sitz baths.

When I had the nurse in for wound dressing she would squirt the area with sterile water. It came in a 4oz plastic resealable bottle with a pinpoint opening so she could squirt the water ware she wanted. Not sure if it would work for your fistulas but it might help when you're out.
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Thank you. I will give the sitz baths a try. I use the same solution to clean wounds between dressing changes but it doesn't seem to be working.
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Last time this came up someone suggested dryer sheets in the back pocket as an option they used.

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