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Anyone start Humira WHILE pregnant??

Hi there, I was on Humira before with no side effects besides weight gain. I was off Humira for about a year and now 26 weeks pregnant. My Crohns has flared up pretty bad and my GI is putting me back on Humira. I have to restart with my loading dose of 4 pens. Has anyone started Humira while pregnant? Any side effects? Baby okay? My GI reassures me my baby will be fine and so does my OB.. I just get so worried as there are not studies on pregnant women and Humira. Especially starting over with the loading dose while pregnant.
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Hi and welcome.
Congratulations on the baby.
I hope and pray you will have a great buddle of joy.

I did find a study.
My only warning is I'm not familiar with the site but it looks good to me.
Anyone can let me know if its not.


Can taking adalimumab during my pregnancy cause birth defects?
Adalimumab use during pregnancy is not well studied. In a survey sent to rheumatologists, the doctors reported no increase in birth defects or miscarriage rates in 417 women exposed to adalimumab or another TNF inhibitor during pregnancy. About one third of these women continued to take the medication throughout pregnancy. Two studies reporting on the outcomes of 86 and 99 pregnancies with exposure to adalimumab also found no increased risk for a pattern of birth defects. There have been several other reports of babies born without birth defects or other problems after women took adalimumab during pregnancy.

A study published in 2009 looked at birth defects reported in mothers who used a TNF inhibitor during pregnancy. The authors suggested these medications could cause VACTERL association. VACTERL association is a pattern of birth defects that includes vertebral (spine), anal, cardiac (heart), tracheal-esophageal (structures in the neck), renal (kidney), and limb (arms and legs) defects. Two or more defects in this pattern must be found for a baby to be diagnosed with VACTERL. Also, other syndromes or genetic disorders must be ruled out before a diagnosis of VACTERL can be made. Due to the study design, limited data, and voluntary reporting, this review does not support the conclusion that TNF inhibitors cause an increased risk for a pattern of birth defects.

In summary, small studies looking at adalimumab use during pregnancy have not shown an increased risk for a pattern of birth defects. It is also reassuring that a large amount of adalimumab is not thought to reach the pregnancy during the first trimester. However, results from more studies are needed before we can be sure of the effects of adalimumab on a pregnancy

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I am currently 21 weeks and began Remicade at 11 weeks. So far pregnancy is going well and baby looks good. Hope that helps. I was nervous too, but the has been my easiest pregnancy yet ...baby #4 😊
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