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Recent sigmoidoscopy

After a colonoscopy in August they found inflammation in my sigmoid colon and rectum and started me on Lialda. Today I have a sigmoidoscopy and there were no signs of inflammation in either of these places. Has this happened to anyone before? Could the lialda have treated the inflammation and not all symptoms? I'm still having symptoms so I'm confused.
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Yes - it's possible to still have symptoms although the inflammation has gone. It's also possible the inflammation is just no longer visible, or that there is still inflammation elsewhere in your digestive tract. Were any biopsies taken? Are you having the same symptoms (and of the same severity) as before, or have they changed? Have you been on any steroids?

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Yes biopsied were taken. Have to wait until next week for results. What would they be able to see through the biopsies? Symptoms have not improved immensely no more rectal bleeding but that's about it. No I have not been on any steroids
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Sometimes they can see indicators of inflammation and cell changes under the microscope, which are not visible to the naked eye/camera.
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