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Thrush cure (for me anyway!)

Hi, I have just had a sudden need to find a support group and tell you all my story. I really hope it helps someone!!

I was bed bound chronically ill for 12 years, i was so exhausted and in chronic pain. About 4 years ago my aunt was diagnosed with Fructose malabsorbtion and when i looked into it i realised i had the same thing! 4 years of intense food elimination tests i was really on the road to recovery. I am now gluten free, diary free and i eat every little sugar (including fruits). It has changed my life, I now work full time running my own business and I do a lot of heavy lifting!

last year I was so much better but i still had an issue with chronic thrush!! I pretty much had it all of the time, it would go away for a month or two then be back with a vengeance!

I used to be a dental chairside assistant and i was told by a dentist the best way to get white teeth is to make a paste of baking soda and brush your teeth with that. I did it intermittently over the years, and about a year ago i was on another mission to get white teeth so i was doing it every night. a week or so later i got a bad dose of thrush, suddenly i thought maybe it is the baking soda! So i took baking soda, baking powder out of my diet completely and a year later i have not had another bout of thrush!! it has gone completely

I have also notice i am able to eat a lot more than i used to! I ate a whole GF pizza with cheese yesterday and not one bit of tummy problems!! (the cheese would have been an issue!) I also ate a whole bar of GF Dairy free chocolate (which would normally be a big rush to the loo) and it wasnt an issue!

I just thought i would share this for any of you who have a thrush problem you could try it too, i think thrush is a big factor in my stomach issues! :-)
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I dont know much about crohn's diesase but my cousin has it so it is in my family. most of my cousins on one side of the family are dairy intolerant and some gluten intolerant too. On the other side of the family my aunt has the same as me Frutose malabsorption and my brother is dairy intolerant. Changing my diet has completely changed my life and i am happy to help anyone who wants to try it. I am so happy i did, i have my life back!! :-)

I cant put the link i wanted to but you can google frutose malabsorbtion and look at wikipedia site

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