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Loop ileostomy to heal bowel

Hello, all.
I've posted before for advice as I go through my surgery and first months with an ileostomy. Quick outline- loop ileostomy to give lower part of the bowel a rest to halo it recover and help Humira to do it's job but mainly to give severe perianal disease to heal up.
Current situation is: 3 months post-op, fissures had ceased to hurt at all, still have a seton holding open a fistula. Similarly, no problems with that, though discharge is still a minor problem when walking. No pain from bowel.
However I am VERY keen to get this sodding bag off and reverse the op- ...though I have no desire to so so until I have healed well enough as I don't wish to return to eating was than a meal a day and being unable to leave the house. So my question is this:

Those who have experience here- what do I so diet and exercise-wise to help? Light jogging and walking to boost there a general set of rules of what helps and what does not help recovery?
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Walking, proper rest, and good nutrition are my keys to healing.
On the food side I find I need to take it slow. Trial and error is all I can do.
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My ileostomy is permanent, so I can't offer personal experience specific to your situation, but I do know that after any bowel surgery, you should avoid bending down and avoid lifting anything heavy - you may also want to redefine what you count as heavy. Don't do any exercise that uses your stomach muscles for a couple of months after surgery. This is a good idea before your surgery too, as having a stoma and having had abdominal surgery already you may be more vulnerable to problems like hernias.

After your surgery, at first the nurses will tell you when it's ok to start getting out of bed and walking. Usually they'll want you doing this as soon as possible - sometimes on the day after the surgery. Once you've gotten the go-ahead, just use common sense - don't exhaust yourself or cause excessive pain, but if you do find yourself reluctant to get moving, it may be a good idea to push yourself a little. Walking is very good for recovery, good for your body in general, and can help get your digestive system functioning properly.

Diet: make yourself as healthy a weight as you can before the surgery, whether for you that means gaining or losing or maintaining your current weight. It's better to be a little overweight, as you will doubtless lose a bit following the surgery. You may be allowed only liquids for a day or two after surgery, and it's often better to stick to a soft, low fibre diet for a few weeks following bowel surgery, but see if your doctors have any recommendations and see what your system can cope with.

The standard recovery time that everyone seems to be given for moderate bowel surgeries like this is six to eight weeks - perhaps you've been told that when you've had surgery previously. After that you can expect to be feeling recovered, bowel movements should be returning to normal (though I think with reversal surgery, this one may take longer), return to a normal diet (or as near normal as you can get with Crohn's), and to be resuming your usual activities, including exercise and sports, and the amount of exercise you can return to at this point will depend on your general state of health. If, besides the stoma problems,
you're fit and well at the moment, you should be able to take up any exercise you like again a couple of months after surgery, though obviously, build up slowly. Just take it easy and see how you feel.

I hope all goes well. As I said, I've not had reversal surgery, but I have had a lot of bowel surgeries, so if you've questions about any other aspects of recovery, just ask and hopefully I or someone else here can help.

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