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Pregnancy after surgery!

I had a subtotal colectomy almost 5 weeks ago after being in a constant flare for years. I already have a little boy who is 5, but I would love a little brother or sister for him, ideally I would have liked there to be less of an age gap but for the last few years I have been too ill to even consider it, instead having to put all my energy into looking after him.

Just wondering what other people's experiences are, what it's like being pregnant with a stoma? Did you find it hard to conceive after surgery? How long after surgery did you wait? Ideally I'd like to start trying in June, 6 months post surgery, obviously I'll consulte my stoma nurse or surgeon to see if this is too soon but the sooner the better lol
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Hi and welcome to the forum.
I can't offer advice but wanted to offer support.
I have a 6 yr old (as of a few days ago) girl with this disease.
She's certainly a hand full but a big help.
That's one of the benefits with older children.
Hopefully your son will be able to help.
I'm trying to think of some members who have been pregnant with stomas but I can't remember who.
Grrrrr, I blame this forgetful brain on my kids. lol

Keep us updated
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I do not have a stoma, but had a Right hemi coloectomy in May. I spoke to the surgeon who said that 12 weeks post surg, my abdominal muscles would be healed enough to be pregnant. We conceived in October and I'm currently 21 weeks. This is our 4th child and I am the healthiest I've been. Surgery was such a blessing to me. During the months after surgery I exercised lots (to strengthen abdo muscles) and ate very healthy. I would definitely ask Dr's and stoma nurse. Are you on any meds now?
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