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Humira and peripheral neuropathy

My 20 year old daughter was diagnosed with Crohn's in May 2014. Was originally placed on Humira injectable pen weekly for around 4 months with little improvement of symptoms. GI doc then changed to weekly and improvement continued but still with alot of Crohn's symptoms; stomach cramping, diarrhea and developed burning, stinging sensation in both feel and cold sensations - neuropathy. At last GI visit labs were ordered to check B12 levels to see if it was a vitamin deficiency - she is severely anemic as well. Has had 3 iron infusions, takes oral Iron, B12, and the Humira. Labs came back fine no B12 deficiency. Was just wondering if anyone else the neuropathy issues. Was also started on a prednisone and has seen significant improvement in symptoms and may be starting Imuran depending on TMPT genotype results.
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Hi and welcome.

Sending both of you my support.
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I haven't heard of neuropathy being a side effect of Humira. Sorry you folks are dealing with this.
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CNS damage, though rare, is a side effect of Humira. Please read the manufacturer documentation always included with the medication and consult you GI Doc.
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Shellyj, I was diagnosed in the mid-1990's with neuropathy after years of prednisone therapies. I was also taking a lot of Imuran for moderate to severe Crohn's at the time. The neurologist at the time said prednisone, Imuran and/or Crohns could have caused - take your pick. I went on Lyrica which helped for a while, then the Dr. doubled the dose when it no longer worked. Those two things got me through until the middle of last year when Cymbalta was added which works totally differently than Lyrica. After getting over the side effects of Cymbalta, my neuropathy is well under control. Oh yeah, wife gives me B-12 monthly for over 20 years, nurses for years before that.

Although I have been on Remicade for the last several years, I am going onto Humira next month once the approvals are through. Hot Barbed wire with your feet stuck in a furnace is what my Neurapathy felt like when it was really bad. Oral B-12 didn't work due to surgeries I've had.
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I tried Humira as well as all the other meds in this class (Cimzia, Remicade). While these meds seemed to keep the Crohn's in remission, I chose to stop them due to side effects which included peripheral neuropathy. While these symptoms appear to be extremely rare, they do occur in some patients. Lyrica has helped me. Stopping the meds causing the issues has allowed me to reduce the amount of Lyrica I take. Best of luck!

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