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Not feeling at all Human/Like a person

As I'm writing this I am kind of wondering if I'm moaning or just pure ungreatful, or even if I'm just reaching out to the right people!

But I just don't feel right and I can't figure out what's wrong with me. My Crohns is as under control as it will ever be at present. But since new years day I've been feeling so strange and I can't figure out what to do about it.

I don't know what sparked it off, but I just can't stop thinking about my ex girlfriend and everything that happened between us and how sad I am that she's gone and I can't get back what we had.

Since that started I just can't seem to find any joy or happiness in anything, the relationship I'm in now just feels wrong somehow and the things that I would usually do to pick my mood up or distract me just aren't working.

I can't seem to get happy in my own company or with anything I'm doing or be happy in other peoples company!

This is the first time I've said anything because I don't feel right talking to anybody at home about it. But its really affecting my appetite, my ability to sleep and just generally making an effort with everything else I've got or want to do.
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(I think the forum ate my reply, so I'll try again!)

So sorry for what you're going through!!!

Have you had labs recently for vitamin/mineral deficiencies?
Wondering if you're low in iron and/or B12?

Also wondering about magnesium deficiency? I've heard the blood test for this one might not be all that accurate...

This is not to discount at all the pain of losing your past relationship! But as us Crohn's folks are so prone to deficiencies I'm wondering if any deficiencies are exacerbating things for you.

Do you have active inflammation going on?

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