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Dalton's MRE and a question

Dalton had an MRE a few weeks ago, and I finally received a copy of the results. Everything looked awesome, no signs of current active disease. The radiologist said his gallbladder was fluid filled ( no other abnormalities) and they noted that the distal ileum had an abnormal morphology with fibrofatty proliferation. It was also noted that there was narrowing within the distal ileum and some portions did not distend during the study.

His GI said that overall things looked good. He feels that Dalton has some scar tissue that is not currently causing an obstruction, but we need to monitor the area for future treatment.

Does anyone know about the gallbladder being fluid filled? I tried to google it, but I did not determine if it was something else we needed to watch.

Dalton is now almost 6'1 and 130lbs ( he just turned 14) so I am really thrilled with the growth and weight gain we have seen over the past several months. He is slim, but no longer really scary skinny

Any thoughts on what his results mean would be appreciated.

Positive thoughts to all the kiddo's out there who are fighting IBD......may your have more good days than bad ones!
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Hey Daltons mom, glad to hear he is doing well and growing like crazy!
I was diagnosed at 17 after having active disease starting when I was 13. The teenage years were really tough for me but it gets better. I just started a blog about life with Crohns (as a guy) because I couldnt find any blogs by young guys or anything that I thought was really informative for parents to look out for and stuff for patients as well. Im not 25 year old medical student and just trying to help.
hope he continues to improve
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I don't know what that means, but I'd be interested in reading what that doctor says about it.
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Fabulous to hear of Daltonís height and weight gain!

Not sure about the gallbladder but I would likely store it in my mind as something to consider should he ever complain of pain or symptoms that could be attributed to a gallbladder issue. Then the next time you see the doc ask about it.

What the GI has said about scar tissue being present would link up with the narrowing and the fact that area was unable to expand like normal bowel would. And as the GI said, while ever he has no symptoms of narrowing then invasive treatment isnít necessary.

Dusty. xxx
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