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Hearing Loss

Over the last couple of months J has been complaining about loosing his hearing it has now got to the point that he can hardly hear a thing, out of either ear. Seen a GP apparently there is a huge build up of fluid behind ear drum in both ears! Was initially given a nasal spray to try but after going back he's now been given a weeks worth of steroids.

I'm afraid I did the whole 'google' thing.... Can hearing loss really be related to Crohns? My GP thought not!

Ands x
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Can you see an ent ?
They would be best to treat hearing and fluid ear issues ?
I would ask your Gi about the fluid on his ears .
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My nonCrohn's son had lots of issues with fluid and it really effected his hearing. I'd say the fluid is a good sign it isn't Crohn's. It is hard to treat and takes 1-3 months to get it to reabsorb! My son's ENT had him doing some exercises like plugging his nose while he drank through a straw. If your son doesn't get better within a month, I'd definitely get him to an ENT. My son finally ended up having his tonsils and adenoids removed.
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Definitely see an ENT. Also, look into a chiropractor if you don't want him on more meds. I know a few people who have used them for their kiddos and ear infections.
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I also reccomend an ENT. This problem runs in our family unfortunately. We have dealt with it with one of our kids as well.

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There are some ENT EIMís of IBD, the ear included. This link will load down a PDF:

Ear-nose-throat manifestations in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

I donít know that what you are describing fits though as it sounds like Otitis Media with effusion. Has your son has any ear infections in the past few months?

I too would recommend seeing an ENT specialist.

Dusty. xxx
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