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Haemoglobin counts

Hi All

16 year old son Hb count was 155. I am tod this is good?

White blood cell count at 2.8 and neutrophils and lymphocytes on low side too.

Any experts out there who can shed light please do!

Inflammatory markers all normal as is Vit D and everything else.

Not enough blood takes(!!!) for ferritin to get result.

In hospital for scopes on 12 Feb. has bleeding, mucous, fatigue as some of his symtoms currently. On no meds just EN due to WBC so Aza stopped a year ago.

Can he have 6MP if WBC that low?

Or do we fight for remicade?

Thanks in advance
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My daughter has low WBC too, but not nearly that low. She also has low lymphocytes (neutrophils are fine). Have you had immune testing done? Do you know why his numbers are so low? We have an appointment with an immunologist in April so I hope to get better answers then. Until then I worry, lol.
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The haemoglobin count is good. It would be at the middle to top end of the range I have seen.

With 6MP they are aiming for WBC of about 4 maybe a little lower.

Personal opinion only its too low to start 6MP.
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Hi and thanks for replies.

We have seen an immunologist who thinks he is now leaking white cells out of gut. When he has his scopes they are going to check bone marrow too

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