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Advice please, on the transition to soft foods

I have been feeling really constipated for a couple weeks now, and I know that I always do better on a soft food/liquid diet, and this has been recommended to me multiple times (I consistently have problems right after I eat solid food, but for some reason still crave it).

The transition is what gets me. I am having such a hard time, because I am ok with soft/liquid through the morning, but in the afternoon (around 3pm) I just really want solid food again, and so I eat it, and then I start to feel bad and tired again. It seems like I might need more solid food to push out the stuff that's in there, but how to transition? Does anyone have any ideas for how to stay full, because the other thing that happens is I start to lose weight even though I have higher energy and feel better.

I envy the people in the UK who have the elemental thing. I really don't want an ensure or boost, I can't handle the sugar, I just want to stick with soups/smoothies/yogurt, etc. It's so tough to give up being "normal". I guess that means accepting that I'm not normal...which also stinks. I just want to be able to digest the food that I like to eat. But I think the solution is to really do the soft foods for real until this flare stops. Any advice or help would be so much appreciated.
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I have also added protein powder to the ever dwindling list of foods.

I just got home from the Hospital today after another one week stay. This time due to cumulative chronic pain in my lower right. I got too piggy with the smoothies and trying some soups with more body.

I think I am down to:
Apple sauce / cottage cheese/ smoothies in limited amounts!/ protein powder / clear broth / cream of tomato soup / ensure / pudding, moose / canned oranges / apple & orange juice

I have been told to split up 2400 calories over at least 6 meals a day. Spread it around and do not over eat at any one time.

Good luck Penny
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