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A new biologic "without the bad sides" ?

During our GI apt yesterday, the dr. mentioned a new medicine that my son could take for Crohn's. It had a crazy name, as meds often do and so I asked him to write it down. He must have forgot, so I just called the nurse and she said she thought it was Entyvio.

Is that new?

He said that it has only been approved for adults, but since my son is 18 he could probably take it.

Not sure, it's even the right drug though..
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This is the drug kimmidwife is pursuing for her daughter and there are a few other kids who are on it...VTfamily maybe? Checkout kimmidwife's thread for some discussion on it.
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It's not new new (approved may 2014) but compared to Remicade or Humira it is new. Since your son is 18 and considered an adult it shouldn't be an issue getting it approved based on age.
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I have some investment stuff that came through this week and it mentioned 2 companies that are just about to get approval for new drugs testing for children and adults with crohns.i,ll try to dig it out and see the company name

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