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SCDiet Questions

When I had my first resection my ilium was removed, so I have learned to deal with chronic diarrhea. The diet states to remain on the initial menu until diarrhea subsides.

Will diarrhea subside even without the ilium? Seriously?!? I can't imagine a life without raging diarrhea!
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I had my resection about one year ago.(Ileum as well) I can count two normal BM's in that time. I also had my gallbladder out at the same time. A lot of the problem is from the bile itself not being reabsorbed. My doctor has put me on Questran which is an old cholesterol drug that binds the bile. When I take it, it does help. It's just disgusting because you drink it...Anyway, I sympathize with you. I figure I can handle the D as long as the pain isn't there. BABY WIPES are my new BFF!
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I asked my GI about the diarrhea after my first resection and he states that it was the ilium that absorbed the liquid. I've always thought that to be right as I even had diarrhea when I wasn't in a flare (I went virtually symptom free for about 5 years).

Now I'm EXTREMELY confused!
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I'm thinking along the same lines as Shantel. My problem is in the ileum and I don't have D. Seems at this stage my large bowel is doing all the reabsorption it needs to do, in fact too much at times as I tend to get blocked up instead! Not nice, but better than mad dashes to the loo eh?
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