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Having 'the shits'

Most people i have met with crohns, myself included, are pretty grumpy about the world.

Be this as it may, I have found that it makes me feel better to 'let it out' when something upsets me…..when i was younger I used to internalise it…these days, in my 30s, i let it out…..i dont let it fester inside me….if someone pisses me off, i tell them…if something is bothering me i curse, i vent - anyway i can, i let it out and let it go.

Just food for thought….might improve your crappy 'qaulity' of life.

diagnosed 1994 aged 18. 3 surgeries. Remicade is my drug.

I believe this could cure crohns disease.

-Dr John Hermon -Taylor is trying to cure Crohn's disease.
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There is much good in the world too... I find focusing on that rather than the unfortunate bits is more therapeutic... being negative requires more energy.

This was not meant as a lecture, all the best!
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I think both of the above approaches are necessary. Too much real stress in day to day life as it is to let little things develop into big things. Too much good out there as well.
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I'm as sarcastic as they come but really its not so bad. It takes more than a bad gut to bring me down.. Its the other crappy things I deal with on a daily basis that wind me up!,

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