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SOMETHING (LDA) is finally working fistulizing crohns

First of all, I know how frustrating it is when people have something (especially something alternative) work for them and then act like it will inevitably work for everyone else. So just a disclaimer that I am well aware that this may not work for other people, as many things have not worked for me, but I just have to share because this treatment is not very well known!

I've dealt with a terrible fistula for almost a year now. I originally was on antibiotics and Remicade. The remicade helped until I developed antibodies. I also was strict SCD and took LDN with no apparent improvement from that. After awhile the fistula got worse off the remicade so they wanted to start me on Humira. I started, it wasn't helping and was causing psoriasis. I really didn't want to keep going through more and more biologics and immunosuppressants (though I completely know this is sometimes necessary.) I finally found a doctor who does LDA (low dose immunotherapy- separate from LDN.) it's basically a method of desensitizing your T-cells to whatever they might be overreacting to (foods, environment, bacterias, etc.) if you google Dr Shrader LDA you can find more specific info.

I was hopeful, but of course skeptical as I've tried plenty of alternative treatments and nothing has really done anything for my fistula. I've been in pain with drainage daily for so many months. I got my first treatment on Thursday. Friday night the pain began to lessen. This continued over the weekend. This morning I woke to zero drainage from my fistula. I've also tested a bunch of foods and activities that would usually cause it to get worse and they have not made it worse.

Apparently, the first benefits of the treatment don't always last long. You get the treatments every seven-eight weeks, and with each one, the effects usually last longer. I can give more info, but I thought first I should just put this out there. I've seen one post on this before a long time ago, so I get the impression that it really is a secret little gem and I had to tell about it! Oh, and it has no real side effects. Just a really obnoxious protocol and diet you have to follow during the treatment.

Crohn's Disease Forum » General IBD Discussion » SOMETHING (LDA) is finally working fistulizing crohns
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