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Shape test?

Can anyone please help me? My professor has referred me for a shapes test, as he seems to think my bowel is getting stuck/twisted etc so he thinks this is causing my pain on my right side. I have been having this pain for about 12 months, he has tested my pancreas etc and that is all ok, I'm not having a flare up at the min. But just wondered if anyone else has had this test?
Thank you for taking the time to read xx

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Hmm I haven't heard of that. I hope it gives you some valuable info though.
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I haven't heard of it either, but I've had every test possible because that's also where my pain has been for over a year! It's frustrating because my bloodwork is usually good, so nobody can pinpoint what's causing the pain? Hugs to you!!
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Thank you both for taking the time to read my story, thank you shambeyla,my bloods are usually good too, last year I had a localised illeus, so my professor seems to think my bowel could be getting twisted or stuck etc, I just hope this test shows something.. I hope they can sort your pain out to, as I no its not nice, some days it's hard just to get up out of bed and go toilet with the pain ..

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I haven't had that test but I know about it. You'll be given a capsule containing about 20 tiny plastic rings (called "Sitz shapes") embedded with a barium compound. You'll have 2 x-rays - one the next day and the other about 5 days later. The shapes show up as glowing spots on the x-rays. The radiologist will be able to see how fast food moves through you and also whether there are any obstructions.

You don't have to do any bowel prep as the radiologist actually *needs* chyme and stool in place for these snapshots.
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Thank you buzzy bee that has put my mind at rest x

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Iv recently had my shapes test, and I now have a slow bowel transit ... I'm having a capsule enderscopy of the small bowel, as they think this is where problem is..this coming tue not looking forward to prep but atleast I'll find out more what's going on.

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I'm guessing this is the shape test. (Along with Crohns11's description).

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