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Remicade Success

Hi First diagnosed with Crohns Dx in 1988. I am now 59 years old, a retired nurse. At the time of my diagnosis I was 4 months pregnant and very scared. Losing weight, diarrhea, nausea( not related to pregnancy), swollen joints and joint pain, walking with aid of crutches. Placed on predisone, and asulfadine. Delivered my healthy 8 lb daughter and she is now a beautiful 26 year old woman .
Over the many years living with Crohns I have had many flare ups but am now in remission or under great treatment as my Dr says. The disease is mostly in lower colon and rectum so have had bouts with external abscesses and fistulas with placement of Seton drains in perineal area and rectum.
Now taking Remicade every 8 weeks , Asacol and Folic Acid.
I know everyone's experience is different but would welcome any questions orcomments from other members if i could help in any way. Treatment has come such a long way over the past 26 years and I understand not all treatments work for everyone. So I would like just to be here to lend support to fellow Crohns sufferers. I know it can be scary, and at times embarassing ( symptoms are not something people want to talk about)
Just wanted to let others know they are not alone and am here if you need a friend. My son also was just diagnosed with Crohns and has been on Remicade and Asacol for several months and is doing well after a huge flare up. He is 30 years old.
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Glad to hear you've had success controlling your Crohns! Remicade has been a life saver for me too
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I'm pleased to hear you're doing so well on Remicade. I'm very happy for you and wish you all the best
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@craftynurse. Really appreciate your header "Remicade Success". I also have perianal Crohn's & just finished Remicade Infusion #4. Still awaiting removal of setons for two fistulas & awaiting the closure of a third fistula without a seton. Unfortunately, the seton on the third fistula severed prematurely & the surgeon is hoping it will heal without giving me another General Anesthetic to replace it. How long did it take for the setons to be removed once you started Remicade? Did you have setons in all your fistulas? Did the GI or Surgeon order an MRi to determine when your setons shpuld be removed? Any comments you would like to add about your healing progress once you started Remicade would be appreciated.
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It's good to hear some positivity in you! There's a lot of negativity (it is a disease, afterall), so anything positive can be hard to find. I'm so glad that you've found successful treatments for yourself and your son. Keep staying strong, but remember, we're here to help support you too if you ever need it :-) Hugs!
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I also have had great success on Remicade. I have tried many different medications over the years and this has been the best. Zero flare ups since going on Remicade 3 years ago. Glad to hear it is working for you.
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Glad to heat you're doing well

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