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Hi Friends!

I had a ruptured appendix for 8 days and didn't know it in August. When I made it to the hospital, docs said that I had inflammation in the terminal ileum concerning for IBD.

When the appendix was finally removed after a round of antibiotics, the bowel surgeon said IBD was a consideration and there may be some re-sectioning needed. However, I woke up from surgery with the news that my bowels looked "completely normal", it was only a bad appendicitis, and IBD was completely off the table.

After surgery for the next few months I did have some aches in the abdomen, with headaches and some bloating, which intensified over the last few weeks. I came close to going back in to the gastroenterologist. Beautiful, normal stools though (in the IBD community, not weird to call a normal stool "beautiful"), no fever, etc, the whole time throughout.

My girlfriend suggested that before seeing the GI, to try cutting out gluten and dairy, as well as artificial sweeteners, to see what that does before being sent in for a myriad CT scans, colonoscopies, etc.

After 5 days on the new diet, I feel great! No pain, aches, or bloating. No headaches, etc. The difference is quite dramatic.

Not sure what my next move should be, though? Should I get an allergy or other test?

My plan was to slowly reintroduce the sweetners first, then dairy, then gluten, and see which one seems to be the culprit. I'm kinda lost, though, for a next move.
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That is the way to do an elimination diet - remove anything that could be the culprit, then slooooowly add one thing at a time back in and see what affects you and what doesn't. 5 days is still pretty early on so I'd say stick with what you're doing for now and wait a couple weeks before starting to add things back in. As for the potential IBD, it may just be that you had a bad appendix and you may have something like celiac disease and/or lactose intolerance. It is definitely good news that your bowels looked good from the outside and that your stools are beautiful. I'd be a bit more concerned with how things look from the inside - have you had a colonoscopy and/or upper endoscopy? What about bloodwork, have they checked your CRP, ESR, and vitamin levels (particularly iron, vitamin d, vitamin b12)? Any stool tests done to check for inflammation (fecal calprotectin) or blood in the stool (fecal occult blood), or to check for parasites/bacteria? Just a few things for you to ask your doctor about if you haven't already. Good luck!

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