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Undiagnosed, awaiting tests. Extreme fatigue, cramps, D&V :(

Hi everyone
I am a 24 year old female and have been suffering since around christmas keeping solid food down, am sick everyday, extreme pain especially after eating and diarrheah up to 10x daily.
I have had IBS since 18 and had what I thought was gastroenteritis last sep when I had severe D&V. Have been to A&E now twice with the pain but always given cyclizine and pain relief and sent home. I have also lost a stone in weight since christmas! And am 8st 13 now and 5ft 7
My gP has been v dismissive and just puts it down to IBs. They said no way it can be Crohn's because my bloods are normal, however i finally saw gastroenterologist last week who said it definately COULD be Crohn's and she knows lots of Crohn's patients who have had normal bloods.
Have been put down for urgent gastroscopy and colonoscopy but no set date yet
I am a student nurse and about to start placement with 12 hour shifts, I dont want any sick days anns just wondered any tips on beating fatigue during these shifts?
Thanks so much
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Are you able to see a different GP? A good GP may be able to prescribe you some things to help with symptom management while you're waiting for the tests. Getting good nutrition may help with the fatigue. If you can get an idea of the foods that go down easiest and cause the least symptoms it could help. Supplements like Ensure and Fortisip can give you everything you need, they're liquid not solid, and they require no preparation so you could have them during breaks when working. Make sure you get plenty to drink while working long hours also - don't skip breaks for drinks and food. Getting good sleep is important also. I know it seems obvious, but if you prioritise time for good quality sleep before and after shifts, it could help a bit until you're able to get proper treatment.
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I'm sorry I've only just seen this post, I am just catching up with everything.

Firstly, I'm glad you've seen the gastro and they are looking into things further. Unfortunately GPs just don't have the type of specialist knowledge needed to recognize these conditions and it's sadly very common for patients to be misdiagnosed with IBS prior to IBD diagnosis.

There are many of us here who have been where you are now and we fully understand the emotional and physical impact it can all have so please feel free to come and talk to us whenever you need to.

During your placements make sure you keep hydrated, please also ensure that your university and your placement mentors are aware of your current situation. There are things they can put in place to make things easier during flare ups. This can include things like extra time and toilet breaks in exams, extensions/ ability to submit extenuating circumstances on coursework and some flexibility with attendance. As a former student nurse I know that there are certain parts of your course (such as clinical study days) that you can be penalized for missing. If you make your course tutors aware of whats happening, they can make arrangements for you to fit in with a different group if you have to miss time because of an urgent appointment or tests etc (thats what my uni did).

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