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Well, its done

As some of you may know, I have been having problems with my living situation for some time now. I live with my mother-in-law, in the upstairs portion of her home, while she lives in an apt. made in the bottom. It was ok, but she wont keep her nose out of our lives, her daughters have made it quite clear that they hate me and think I am trying to take advantage of the situation. So we decided to move. And to increase that positive decision, we were awarded with my being awarded full disability. Now, when to tell her we were moving and taking her beloved grandson out of her eagle's eye view.

Well, that time was today. She took it better than I thought she would, and didn't really try to talk us out of it. Maybe she was ready for it...she had to know something was up. Needless to say, since making this decision, I have been home as little as possible, and terribly terribly stressed. And, to make matters worse, my Crohn's is acting up, the heat is stressing me out, and I haven't exactly been the best of company. Actually, as my mom-in-law said, I have had the worst attitude lately, and I seem almost pissed off at everyone. But we told her, and its done. Now we just have to wait for the settlement to come, and find a home, and we are out of here.

You would think that would lessen my stress. Apparantly, my body thought otherwise because I started bleeding BIG time today. It wont stop, and is getting worse as the day went on. And the pain is starting. So, I am going to let it rest for a few days and see what happens. IF it doesn't slow up, gonna call the doc again. I really thought telling her would help matters. I know his sisters are gonna confront me without him home, and altho they have been instructed to talk to my hubby and not me about it, they don't listen. So I am stressed about that too. But...well, hopefully this will slow down, and things will look better. *Sigh

I hope.

Thanks again guys!

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Well done on telling her, i'm sure it cant of been easy and good job on managing not to kill her in the time you have lift there cause people in general just aren't meant to get on with in-laws its an unwritten rule!

Just take it easy Donna and don't worry about stuff and look forward to the positives of moving out and be safe.

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Well done Donna! You have taken the first big step.. the worst is now over hon! As for his sisters confronting you.. if they try, just say 'I'm sorry, I'm not gonna discuss this with you right now, we'll talk about it later all together ok?' and either close the door or go for a walk!

Sorry you are feeling so stressed out, this is affecting your health quite badly, the sooner you can move out the better! Keep your chin up, and just keep reminding yourself that soon you'll be free of the intimidating in laws!!

Best of luck to you xxx
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I am glad that the housing situation is going good (I remember those earlier posts and am glad things are still going well). I hope the health improves so just relax and take it easy and hopefully everything will pass.
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Thanks guys. You know the sad thing is, my mom-in-law is now trying to start fights between my hubby and I, and she is blaming all of this on me, tho not to my face. She is telling him things I said to her about my hubby, but the funny thing is is that he already knows what I say, cuz I don't hide things like that. I will never speak behind someone's back and then have it come back to me. I will say it behind your back, as well as to your face, and apparantly, she doesn't realize this. Thankfully, my hubby just laughed it off when he told me. But after all I have done for this woman and her family, she is totally disrespecting me and diminishing everything I did. When her hubby was ill, not one of her daughters were there to help, but suddenly that is all forgotten. And I wont even get into the disrespect she shows her own son!

Ahhh...well, that's over with now. Now the hard but fun part is looking for houses!!!

Thanks again guys!
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Jeff D.
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Good luck with the mother in law sitiation. Good job on telling her your leaving though. Once you get a house hopefully all of your problems will go away.

Good luck
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Yuk... In-laws.. not a situation I am looking forward to
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wow Donna, good job on telling her anyways.. try not to let all this stress be the focus of your day.. I know its hard to avoid.. but it sounds like its really doing a number on your health.. one day at a time.. and you will be out of there before you know it. good luck.

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