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Anyone tried the 5:2 Fast Diet to help repair body?

I'm recently diagnosed with UC and trying thing to figure out how to adjust to it. I've read that the 5:2 Fast has been shown to help the body repair damage and so I'm wondering if anyone has tried it to help fix damage from UC. I've seen a lot about eating small meals on the Internet but would there be any reason that fasting would be a bad idea with UC? Thanks!
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I would be concerned with fasting, no scientific research I have seen that shows it to be helpful and many people with UC and crohns already have issues getting enough calories and absorbing nutrients. I would check out our diet and food (can't remember the exact name at the moment) forum if you want to go the eating way to help your UC.
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There's a thread about fasting that was talked on here in the past along with thoughts on it. Here's the link for you.
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Ginger Girl- I'm up to week 5 on this diet. I found so much info' on diets, and tried lots of smaller meals, etc. This may not be for for everybody- like everything it's a case of try and see. Luckily, my partner is a nurse and uni' lectures nursing. Together we have been trying different eating patterns for me. I usually eat really well, lots of fresh fruit and veg', etc. I don't like packaged nasties.
Results so far- pretty happy with it. It's not really like fasting in the "starving yourself" sense- really for me it's like going without lunch twice a week and making sure of two 300cal meals in that day. Some people will have difficulty if their body can't deal with high fibre, etc.
My breakfast today was a poached chicken and sliced egg salad with loads of greens and tomato, touch of balsamic and olive oil. I tend to drink a lot of water and weak tea or chicken broth that I'v poached the chicken in.
I actually feel good on it- maybe it's just giving the gut a rest for that period from dinner last night to breakfast a day and a half later.
Like I say- you can only try these things- if they are beneficial, keep it up,- if it is doing you harm, stop it.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Ulcerative Colitis Forum » Anyone tried the 5:2 Fast Diet to help repair body?
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