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What is tenesmus

I am confused about tenesmus. I have read many different definitions of it. Some say it is very painful others say it is incomplete evacuation or persistent feeling of wanting to pass stools or constant passage of stool.

Are there different definitions being used?

My sensation is basically a feeling that my bowels have not emptied fully even after a bowel movement. It is very uncomfortable but not painful. It is not relieved when lying down, sitting down or standing up.
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My doctor defines it as feeling like you still need to go, even when there is nothing left to come out. A constant urge of needing to pass stool.
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My doctor defines it almost the same as 2thFairy, a feeling you need to go but nothing (or very little) comes out. He said it is due to rectal inflammation a lot of the time.
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Same as the other two posts.

I think the potential pain could be a result if you continue straining to 'go' when there's nothing there.

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