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Drug interactions remicade /infleximab with 6mp/purinethol

Just checking if anyone else is on Both remicade /infleximab and 6mp/purinethol
I've recently started back on both medications after having been on previously for a year and now had a break for 6 weeks for surgery.
I've been experiencing terrible side effects of nausea headaches and exhaustion
And I've read online that the combination can make added risks
So was curious to hear about anyone else's experience or opinion about being on both drugs
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It is a very common combo. I'm on Imuran, the sister drug of 6mp and remicade. There is a slight increase in lymphoma risk with the combo however it is very small. Average person chance is 2/10 000 and on combo therapy it is 6/10 000. There is however new researching saying it may not even be that high.

I feel good about it because I feel untreated ibd leads to a higher chance of colorectal cancer and so the risk scale tips.
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I'm on both Humira and 6mp, and I've been on Imuran with it in the past, too. Imuran initially gave me some side effects of brainfog, and other people seem to be affected for the first week or so by it, as well. Humira I haven't had any problems with, though.

6mp didn't give me any side-effects, either.

I've been on combination therapy for over a year, and it's the only thing that can keep me in remission. I feel great. If you continue to get side-effects past the first week, let your GI know what's going on, and they can assess what to do.
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