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food and symptom track for doc

I would like to help out the next doc i see by having a journal or tracker of symptoms and and food, pain, bms, etc. to hand over to him. I'm new here and not definatley diagnosed but sure have allot of symptoms making me miserable. Am wondering if anyone knows of a journal, or link to something similar, or outline of one they have used that may be helpful. Or even just the types of things to place accross the top of the page to track that will be helpfull to the doc????? Thanks so much ..... Sassy
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There's a link on this page which downloads a .pdf file.
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I tried to find that too. Eventually my home-care nurse told me to simply make a running log.


8:00 am Woke up with no pain and well rested.
8:30 am (flagyl, asacol long acting morphine) <-daily meds to help keep track
8:45 am Cream of wheat / apple juice / ensure
9:15 BM runny
10:00 Applesauce
11:00 BM runny
12:00 (levaquin, asacol) cream of tomato soup/ yogurt
1:00 pm BM runny
4:00 roast beef sandwich
4:15 Gut pain 8/10 (fast acting morphine tablet)
9:00 Never eat a roast beef sandwich again silly boy!

But you get the idea. It helps me track foods, caloric intake and meds. A new sheet for each day in the spiral note book seems simple and easy. That is what I have been shooting for anyway. I can write my weight every couple of days at the top of the page, tally calories in the margin once in a while to keep track.

[edit] that is a pretty neat chart Johny. There is one of those in my home-care file. A file folder sitting with the box of dressings and supplies that a home-care nurse uses ever second day to help me. They ask me those questions each visit and keep a log. I don't know what they do with it though.
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