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Hair loss typical? (Cimzia/prednisone)

I have moderate/severe Crohn's Disease and am in week 6 (loading phase) of Cimzia. I have not made any other major changes lately in terms of diet (I eat paleo). I have been on Prednisone since October and am currently working to taper this dosage- my doctor told me to decrease by 5 mg a week from 40 mg until I get to 0.

I have been having a LOT of hair loss - have other experienced this as a symptom? I'm not sure whether this may be a result of the Cimzia or the tapering of steroids?

I have other GI symptoms that I've become accustomed to, but this is a new one . . . .

Anyone have ideas??
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I've not experienced it even after a year of Cimzia but I do remember reading about others here who experienced hair loss while on Cimzia.
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I experienced hair loss on prednisone but I can't be sure it was the cause as I was also rather malnourished and anemic. Hopefully it will stop soon.
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I feel like hair loss from prednisone is one of the most common side-effects I see. You can try taking Biotin for it -- I used to take 2 x 1000mcg every day when I was experiencing hair loss, and it helped tremendously.
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