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Gobble. Gobble.

So today I have my yearly checkup with the Gastro-doc.

I honestly can't believe it's only been a year since I changed doctors, changed diets for the 2nd or 3rd time, and been on Pentasa since, and well - things have gotten better.

However I still miss and crave Pork. I can have just a sliver of bacon, and things go awry. Sausage links and breakfast sausage stuff has totally been way out, as often its not 100% pure meat of any sort, and well, those too in even small quantities have gone badly.

However in the past several months, I have tried Turkey Bacon - and maybe it's because I haven't had bacon in forever, but it's pretty durn good. Last night I BBQd up a new discovery, Turkey Bratwurst... had one and a half links, and had 0 problems in the pst 15 hours since I ate them. THis was also mixed with a Turkey Burger, which my wife swears taste better than beef, which we both see for her as well it's good as Beef has given her issues lately and doesn't digest well. My wife also found in the frozen section Turkey breakfast sausage patties, and it's thawing now for tomorow but I'm totally not nervous.

So I dunno about the rest of you, but with Turkey bacon, ground turkey, and now turkey bratwurst it's a good consolation prize after having to give up so many other things.

Now if only I can find turkey chops.....

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Hey, congrats on making such a yummy discovery! I had to give up so many foods (although now I'm able to incorporate a few of them back in my diet when I'm not flaring), which was so hard, but it also helped me get more adventurous in trying new foods, and I discovered that I really like salmon. Growing up, the closest we got to sea food was canned tuna and processed fish sticks, so I had never really experienced much in the way of eating fish, and salmon was such a great discovery for me. Here's to good food that doesn't make our butts explode or make us curl into a fetal position!
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Fish is good to me, and it's difficult to screw up Salmon! I bake it normally, as it's slow and consitsantly perfect.

Frozen, Peeled, and Deviened shrimp is easy to find in the freezer section, and a little olive oil/butter in a frying pan mixed with some simple spices also become heavenly. Mixed with Pinapple chunks, Green/Red Bell peppers (solely for the flavor, don't even eat them) mixed with a citrus spice is great on white rice, compliments salmon nicely.
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Ground turkey is my staple protein source. Sometimes I switch it up with chicken, but I like the flavor of turkey better. Typically, I have turkey 4 times / week.
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And holy cow I just got back from Walmart, which I avoid like a plague but I had a $30 gift card to use, and they had seasoned turkey bratwurst. Chipotle pepper and Italian Seasoning. Hotchi Motchie !
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The best.....grilled (ground) turkey burgers. Served up with garden tomatoes and sweet onion.
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I love turkey cheddar sausage links, they have like a fraction of the sat fat of regular bratwursts and about 10 grams of protein per link. I think they're hillshire farm brand, but could be wrong. My gf loves 'em too, They come in 6 packs I think, or 5, can't recall...

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