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6mp complications

I'm a little worried about my 6mp usage. In my recent blood tests, I had elevated liver levels and a follow up blood test showed toxic levels of 6mp in my blood. My doctor's office called to tell me to go off the drug. I won't see my doctor again for over a week though. I've had weird, but mild, abdominal pain and back pain the last couple weeks. I thought it was a crohn's flare but now I'm worried it might be my liver. I've also felt malaise generally - tired and fatigued. I've had nausea. I've also had a cold this week with a fever and cough. The week before I felt like I had mild food poisoning - nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea. My eyes have been crusty and bloodshot the last couple days, which might be an unrelated eye infection. I'm off the medicine, but do I need to worry about the damage to my liver? At what point do I seek urgent care? Is anyone here experienced with 6mp toxicity?
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I feel for you! Crohn's sucks! 6Mp worked great for me for years until it gave me pancreatitis. So, no more 6mp.
If your urine is dark or your skin getting jaundice (yellow) GO to urgent care!
"Just my opinion". Dont know much about the toxicity part.
Everytime they try to put me on statins, my liver levels elevate too and they take me off.
Good luck, hope all is well.
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