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My 3 y/o was on remicade for about 6 months in 2014. We have what I thought to be alright insurance, maybe not the best, and paid our $35 copay every time we went in for infusions. Suddenly we are getting $500+ bills for the last couple of infusions he received. From your experience is this normal and how in the world is this affordable to some? I know there may not even be an answer due to all the differences in insurance policies but this just blows my mind.
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You should've been directed to the remistart program by your son's GI. It is a program by the pharmaceutical company that covers what ever insurance doesn't. This program is not financially based and be used by anyone on commercial based insurance. Not available to those on governmental based insurance like medicare or Medicaid.

There can be incidental charges remistart won't cover. For instance, if he gets the infusion in a hospital it only covers the drug and not the costs associated with the hospital.

I'm not sure what we would've paid without remistart but with it we usually paid about 240.00 per year.

You can Google Remistart and get the info for the program.
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