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Ensure Diet


Has anyone had any luck with ensure diet or other liquid diets for chronic abdominal pain? I'm in the process of being diagnosed but in the meantime im trying to find some relief from pain. I'm pretty sure there's some diet changes that can universally help multiple conditions.

Thank You All!

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My daughter did two 6 week segments of an Ensure only diet. She had no other food during these times.

It helped quite a lot, and I recommend it, however if you are going to have scopes I might wait until those have been done. I would worry that it might work so well that it would interfere with the process of diagnosis. Maybe a good question to ask the doctor's office?

I know that her lab markers did improve quite a bit.
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Hi Pilgrim,

Thank you for the encouragement! I'm glad that the ensure helped your daughter!

I see the gi doc tomorrow so I will certainly mention the ensure to him. I'm aiming to get my scope early April so I may get to try the ensure for a bit. My intuition is telling me it will help.


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EEN or pure liquid diets are as effective as steriods ( pred) at reducing inflammation in the gut. I would like to echo what pilgrim stated.
If your scoping your gi needs to see the damage or have biopsies show it to make a dx since EEN can fix many different gi diseases not just crohns
Also add in once food is introduced ( more than 10-20%) the inflammation comes back eventually .
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