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Could I have Mild Crohns?

Hello Everyone. A year ago I was diagnosed with IBS after a month long scare when my doctor told me there was a possibility I could have Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis. I have an anal fistula because of a infected ingrown hair that popped and after my doctor saw that, she became worried and sent me for a colonoscopy, biopsies, an MRI and blood tests. Everything came back normal.

The past week weeks I've had abdominal cramping, more on the left side and upper left or right quadrants of my abdominal. My pain is also misplaced so its hard to tell sometimes. It usually starts after I eat. My stool is light brown, and is a bit soft. I'm straining as well and afterwards I'll feel like I haven't completely emptied my bowels. No blood or diarrhea and my weight has been the same. I've also been feeling tired and unenergized of late. I still have the fistula and mild issues with hemorrhoids.

I've heard about people having mild crohn's and being misdiagnosed for other issues. I've had IBS for a few years now and after going to the doctor I'm always told that I have a constipation form of IBS. Is there a possibility that I may have Crohns or anything else?
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Ultimately only tests and doctors can tell you what you have - no one on a forum can know. Also, there are a huge number of conditions that cause digestive symptoms besides IBD and IBS. You don't have any of the symptoms used to distinguish IBD from IBS (bleeding, weight loss, fevers), and you had negative tests a year ago, but if you're worried, you'll need to go back to your doctor, as the symptoms you describe are very general - they don't suggest any specific medical conditions.
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Apart from the fistula , which thankfully I haven't had, your symptoms do sound similar to problems I had on and off for most off my adult life before I had a proper flare and was eventually diagnosed with crohns. That is not to say you have it but it is possible.

If I had known then what I know now,I would have had a radical think about my diet ect and try not to end up like I am now.

I would not take aspirin or ibuprofen again ever, quit caffeine and reduce my dairy intake, start taking vitamins and pobiotics , cut out most bread and yeasty foods (all things I have done now that I do know).

If you have tummy problems it cant hurt to try a few things and see if they help.Take a look in the diet section for ideas of what to eliminate.
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Thanks for the replies! I've had digestive issues for about 5 years now and they've been similar to what I'm experiencing now. Both my mother and father have had IBS. My mother no longer has it and my father will get symptoms if he eats certain foods. I'll definitely make an appointment with a dr to make sure everything is okay. Positive thoughts!

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