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Fecal Calpropectin Test before Humira?


Not sure which forum this belongs under, sorry if it's the wrong one.

My question: After my recent upper endoscopy I was asked to do a fecal calpropectin test for a possible Humira prescription.

Does anyone know why I need this test? I've googled to see what it is, but don't get why it's needed before the prescription can be given. The secretary wasn't able to answer this and I don't know when aee doctor next as they don't have their schedule ready yet.

Reason for the upper endoscopy was that I was being checked for Crohn's again. Do you think this test and possible prescription means it's back? My colonoscopy last year was clear.

I realize you aren't Doctor's, I'm just looking for input because I'm super confused now.

Thank you.

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Fecal caloprotectin shows inflammation specific to the gut.
It doesn't tell you what type of inflammation -just that it's there
It tends to be more accurate in large bowel inflammation than small bowel
There are different reference ranges so while most folks with Ibd are outside of normal limits - flare numbers are much higher in the 1000's.

I know before we try a new med docs like to know where he is starting at so improvement can be tracked if the meds are working

Also the doc may need to justify the script by saying xyz tests show this which is why patient needs abc drug .
Good luck
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Thank you for the reply and the info, I really appreciate it & it was very helpful

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