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Possibility to gain weight who having Crohn's

Last June'2014, I have undergone through Surgery. Since Surgery I have gained 3-4 kgs i.e 57. Actually in Past I am 64 kgs. Is there any possibility I can gain my previous weight ? And what we have to do for that ?

Excercise in GYM will help ?
Chicken, eggs etc kind rich protein food will help ?
Daily Jogging & Running will help ?
Time to time eating , Sleeping will help ?

I am confused, Please advise ?

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To gain weight it's all about calories in and calories out. The problem with crohn's is that we can't absorb food properly and thus can't absorb those calories properly. If the disease is in remission though you won't have much issue and won't have to increase your calories too much. An extra 200-400 calories a day until you're where you want to be should suffice.
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After a long long time, I have finally gotten my pre-crohn's weight back. I am in remicade induced remission and it is the ONLY way I have gained my old weight back. Without it, I was about 20 - 30 pounds under my current weight of 170. You need the extra calories in, and you need to absorb about 500 surplus calories a day to gain a pound at the end of a week. It does take the bowels some time to get back to functioning properly after surgery, so fingers are crossed it works for you soon.

Crohn's Disease Forum » General IBD Discussion » Possibility to gain weight who having Crohn's
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