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Starting Humira, What to expect?

I got my delivery of Humira this morning and I have been told they are coming to administer my loading dose tomorrow.
I just don't know what to expect...
I am 5 months post op ileo.
Crohns symptoms rearing their ugly head again so been suggested for Humira.

-Does it hurt to inject?
-How quickly does it start to work?
-Are there any negative implications straight away from taking the Humira, does it make you tired/nauseous anything like that?

Because obviously when all this is happening I start my new job on Thursday so I want to know if I'm gonna be ill.

Sorry I know this is a lot of questions,
Any advice would be so so so helpful.
Holly xxx
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Does it hurt to inject? Short answer, yes. But for all of 10 seconds at the most, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

How quickly does it start to work? WELL. For me it started to work after a few weeks, but recently its effectiveness has decreased, so my GI is thinking about putting me on weekly injections. They say give it 3-6 months to start working properly.

The last question. Nope. You shouldn't feel any different post administration of the Humira. Some say they feel a little tired, but I don't get that personally. The only reaction I did get was hives. This can be counteracted using OTC antihistamines.

Did your GI say if he's putting you on azathioprine or 6MP alongside the Humira to prevent antibodies breaking the medication down? If not, I'd speak to him/her about it. (Ignore me, I just read your I think that's what's happening to me, so I'm going to need a higher dose of both 6MP and Humira to get it working again.

Good luck with your new job! Don't let it stress you out too much - it really has helped me a lot.

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I'm not on Humira so I can't help there however I would recommend you check out the Humira forum and support group. Hope all goes well!
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i have been on it for about 5 months now and it helps a little with bathroom issues but that's about it the first 4 shots hurt like hell!! but when u get one at a time its not that bad but it still stings i call a hour before i go so they can get it to room temp its better that way hurts less i always get mine in the belly to scared to try my legs wish ou the best of luck i also get bad cramps for about 2 days after
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Hi Holly,

I started Humira about 2 years ago. Initially I developed hives, which swelled and got real itchy and hot, but I remedied this by taking a Piriton 30 mins before taking it, and when I pushed the pen down firmly, I would leave it firmly down for about 5 secs after the window had filled. I think would ice pack it for about 10mins. No more hives.

I could never inject my thighs as that hurt way more than my stomach. It doesn't really hurt, but it makes you jump a bit to begin with.

I have now been taken off it as I'm now in remission. No more medication for me, just the Questran powders.

Its been the best medicine for me, so have faith and hopefully it will put you into remission aswell x
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-Does it hurt to inject?
It's not a big deal after a surgery you know sometime no, sometime yes, but for 10 sec at most. It helps to let it warm out of the fridge for 30min.

-How quickly does it start to work?
I started the injections 2 months ago and I started to feel better after 3-4 weeks, and my last 4 weeks were perfect

-Are there any negative implications straight away from taking the Humira, does it make you tired/nauseous anything like that?
Tired for 24/48 hours, but it's worse for the initial 4 shots and the 2 others 2 weeks later.
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Been on bi-weekly Humira for exactly 1 year. I'm clinically in 100% remission. Do injections hurt? Yes.. For about 10 seconds. I inject in my leg. Reserve belly for methotrexate injections. Definitely bring to room temp. I felt so much better after 1st injection. Went from 10-12 bm's per day to 1 almost immediately. My energy got zapped for awhile (about 6 months) but I've adapted. Got a bit cocky and started experimenting with foods but was back at square one. I still have no ileocal valve and bile malabsorption so life is still run by crohns but it's so much better if I watch diet and take my colestid. My turning point when I knew Humira was working...Imodium works for the first time in my life.

Good luck and hang in. For me it's a miracle drug and I've suffered with crohns for almost 40 years.

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