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Azathioprine old hat?

I have been diagnosed with Crohns in my small ileum and have been taking Prednisolone successfully for a few weeks. I'm starting to come down off the Pred and the consultant has put me onto Azathioprine. When I went to get the prescription from my doctor, he said he was very surprised that the consultant would put me on Azathioprine which is "old hat" with blood monitoring being required, rather than something more modern like Asacol. This has left me very confused. Does anyone know who I can actually trust?
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I should follow the advice of your Consultant, he/she will have a greater experience of treating Crohn's than your GP.
Azathioprine and Asacol both work in different ways and both have their merits and disadvantages. Generally though Azathioprine is only prescribed when Asacol is no longer effective or hasn't helped.
I certainly wouldn't say that Azathiprine is 'old hat'. It helped me reach remission and kept me well for quite a while until my liver decided that it didn't like it anymore!
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I wouldn't say it's old hat either. I credit a great deal of my post-diagnosis remission to azathioprine.

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Yes, Azathioprine is an "old" treatments, but i take it since 9 years and i love this treatment !

I take my two pills per day, and i live my life with no problems !

I didn't have any side effect ! No one !

For me, Azathioprine is a god I think you really give it a try !

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