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Goat's milk kefir

This has been in the news alot and I heard an interview on the radio yesterday so I looked into it a bit more. I think it has to be worth a go and only 50 for a 21 day course of ready made stuff delivered.

Anyone else tried it or anything like it ?

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And Probio 7 probiotic.

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Just thought I would add an update.
First 21 days went really well, felt more energised and less uncomfortable/bloated than usual.
A few weeks later I was feeling tired again so I have ordered another course, planning to only have it every other day this time to string it out and see if it still works as well.
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It's supposed to work like a high potency probiotic to rebalance your gut flora. A bit pricey to buy it though. You can order the actual live kefir grains online and ferment your own at home to save money. Cows milk as well. Although goats milk is said to be "healthier" because the casein protein is A2. Whereas most cows milk is A1, a mutated strain.
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if you think it is helping then get the grains (google kefir grains and your location, someone somewhere near will post them) and make it yourself for just the price of the milk.
It is super easy
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I personally drink a bottle of it a month. Right now both my wife and I are very sick with throat/lung issues. Every time I'd feel my throat getting scratchy I'd take a swig of the stuff and the next morning I'd be fine again. Coincidence? Quite possible but I feel like it has helped my immune system.
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A small local goat farm (that produces milk and a variety of excellent goat cheeses) has just started making kefir. I bought a bottle today - they are charging $AU7.00 a 1 litre bottle.

David, you talk about drinking a bottle a month, I was thinking of drinking it over one week and then getting another bottle fresh next weekend. Do you think that would be too much in a week?
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