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Your boy is bigger than I was. I was under 4 lbs. My twin was even smaller.

I'm so happy for you and your new family.

Protect it for all its worth.!!!

My boy also took awhile to hook on. He'll get the hang of it!

Make sure you take care of yourself in these next few weeks.
Believe it or not, this faze in their life is just the calm before the storm.
I say that as Grace is trying mess with the cat.

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I am so happy and relived for you.
Were you induced?
And, did you decide on a name for him?
Enjoy the moments of calm and I hope you have one of those babies that sleep for 22 hours a day.
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Congrarulations on the arrival of your baby boy! I hope now that he's hear you can continue to feel better and enjoy all the lovely cuddles with him.
I am due to go in tomorrow to have my little girl and I can't wait but feel so nervous, reading this has made me feel a bit better about it all.
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Thanks everyone! My husband and I named him Logan. My husband suggested it and I liked it for a little boy I was induced by a tablet. I forget the name but it is similar to Cervidil and is inserted into the cervix. It happened really fast, I was induced at 5 am and had him by 10:22 am. He has gotten better at sucking finally and has been lifting his head so he's actually pretty strong for his size lol. The only thing is his Billierubin is still high because we had different blood types and I was never offered a Rhogam shot so we have an appointment today. Hopefully he won't need the help of lights but we'll see. Right now he's been a little fussy and getting extra cuddles because he is recovering from being circumsized.
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Congratulations. While it can be trying at times, parenthood is the most rewarding experience I have had.

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