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Massive Weight Gain After Ileostomy.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Brandon. I'm 28 years old, developed Crohn's when I was 17, officially diagnosed at 21. Growing up I was a very active kid, yet always husky. Started losing weight my last year of high school (I was a fatty, 260ish pounds). I instantly knew it was Crohn's because my mom has it as well. A few months before my 25th birthday I was deathly I'll. Turned out I had three fistulas. My doctor preformed a colonoscopy and determined I had severe Crohn's. So I went ahead with an Ileostomy (March 2012). Greatest decision of my life! When I got out of the hospital I weighed 152 pounds, I'm 6' tall so I was skin and bone. Three years later I weigh 320 pounds. I still live a very active lifestyle. I hunt, fish, camp, go to the lake etc. When I eat I don't eat a lot, but I am a slow eater. Even my friends don't get it. We're talking a gain of 170 pounds in 3 years. Has anyone else heard of or experienced such insane weight gain with an Ileostomy?!?! Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!!
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Hello. I have no advise but want to give you a big welcome to the I hope some will have some answers for you. You may want to post your question in the surgery forum, maybe someone can answer.
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When I had my ileostomy done I was told by my surgeon that I shouldnt gain too much weight because I dont have enough free blood vessels in my intestine, I cant let the stoma stretch too much (in other words dont get fat lol). I would be mindful of that if I were you, not to be rude, but with your weight gain, but maybe it wont even be an issue with you. If you can get regular ct scans or MRI's done you should have more peace of mind.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Your Story » Massive Weight Gain After Ileostomy.
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